Pioneering the Extracellular Vesicle field


Ideas and people are our best values

We believe that our team and our ideas are the most valuable goods we have. HansaBioMed carries out cutting edge research to create new tools for the Life Science market, fundamental for all scientists engaged in Exosome Sciences.

To meet our goals we need a lot of committment, enthusiasm, innovative and positive thinking. We wellcome scientists and professionals who match our ambitions, professionalism, creativity and skills. We build our business on innovation, brain, human capital and intellectual property.

We grow with you

If you share with us our philosophy and our ambitions we would like to receive your CV. Although we are located in Estonia, since 2007 a full-member of the European Union, we welcome candidates from all over the world, as long as you are willing to take up the challenge!

Our goal is to provide job satisfaction to all our collaborators through self realization opportunities, mobilizing team spirit and modern working environment, as well as with competitive and performance linked compensation packages and benefits.

As a young company Hansabiomed offers a lot of opportunities to grow with us to ambitious candidates.

Innovation, resources and opportunities

HansaBioMed, even if operative only since early 2010, already has secured several patents and has an increbibly rich pipeline. HBM is participating to several FP7 and EU funded projects securing extra funds and visibility to our research activities. Moreover, HBM obtains further funding from translational projects funded by Enterprise Estonia (EAS), a public agency promoting business and regional development in Estonia.

Our research objectives are very innovative and competitive on a global scenarium. Our scientific team and Advisory Board are absolutely world class. HBM is constantly approaching new projects having potentials for breakthrough. All together, we provide to our people both security and a lot of great opportunities.