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HansaBioMed provide 2 alternatives to capture selectively exosomes in your sample: capture using immunoplate or immunobeads. Exosome immunocapture allows you to capture pure and intact exosomes without any precipitation or chemical pre-treatment that contaminate extracted exosomes.

We have identified new membrane bound biomarkers, that are not present as soluble biomarkers in biological fluids or cell culture supernatant, that are able to immunocapture exosomes of tumor, neural or glial origin. All our products are based on selective immunocapture principles, which make the main difference with all the other available products on the market.

See our selection of pre-coupled immunobeads and pre-coated immunoplates on our online shop.

This is a good news for extracellular vesicle and exosome research. Today, the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Südhof.

Schekman, of UC Berkeley, identified genes essential to vesicle traffic whileRothman, of Yale University worked out how vesicles transfer their cargo.Südhof, currently based at Stanford University, finished the picture by detailing how vesicles are signalled to release their cargo, the prize committee reports.

“Through their discoveries, Rothman, Schekman and Südhof have revealed the exquisitely precise control system for the transport and delivery of cellular cargo. Disturbances in this system have deleterious effects and contribute to conditions such as neurological diseases, diabetes and immunological disorders,” the Nobel Assembly says.

We are glad that such work has been awarded by the Nobel assembly. This will enhance the visibility and the credibility of Exosome and Extracellular vesicles research in general.

Since 2011 the American Society for Exosomes and Microvesicles (ASEMV) has organized annual meetings where people from various fields could meet and share their ideas and points of view about exosomes and microvesicles. ASEMV is an international community of people having interest in microvesicles, exosomes or extra-cellular bodies. Members include members of public and private universities, research institutes, companies, and governments.

This year the upcoming event will take place in Orlando from the 7th until the 9th September in Orlando-Florida (USA). This event is major for HansaBioMed because our CEO Antonio Chiesi will attend and perform a speech about our patented platform ExoTEST™ during the seminar.

EXOTEST™ is an immune-capturing assay for accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis of exosomes from biological samples or cell culture supernatant. This is also a good platform candidate for cancer immunodiagnostics.

In September 2013, HansaBioMed released its brand new catalog entirely dedicated to Exosome Research. Downloadable version of the catalog is available here (PDF).

With this catalog, HansaBioMed introduces its new products and services under 6 different categories:

- Exosome Immunocapture and Isolation Tools

- Exosome Standards

- Antibodies

- Exosome Capture and Quantification Kits

- RNA Extraction Kits

- Services


The new HansaBioMed Product and Service Catalog 2013 is an informative and fundamental reference point for navigating through HansaBioMed's comprehensive assortment of products and solutions in order to satisfy your needs.

All products are can be order now on our online shop:

In March 2013 HansaBioMed has filed a new patent for exosome based diagnostics in prostate cancer based on its proprietary ExoTEST platform. This patent will allow a revolution in prostate cancer diagnostic procedures.

Contract Research



We develop special ad hoc contract research projects to provide solutions to specific needs coming from our clients. We conduct contract pilot studies in unexplored areas to test feasibility of specific exosomes based applications in basic and clinical research.


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Collaborative Projects

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We encourage collaborative projects with other entities (companies, academies, research centers) under different schemes and the creation of consortia aiming at rising complementary funding to develop specific applied research or R&D activities of common interest.


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Apply Exosomes to my Product

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We conduct special ad hoc feasibility studies aiming at determining if exosomes based technologies or solutions can be applied to improve products or processes of a company, complemented by proof-of-concept pilot studies to consolidate the potentials of the proposed solutions.


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Technological Services

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We provide consultancy and technological services (such as but not limited to sample preparation, sample analysis and characte-rization, specific training, etc.) applying HansaBioMed´s techniques and know how in exosomes manipulation and analysis.


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